About Us

John Woodland educating kids about snakesWhat Snake Is That?┬áThis website is the result of hard work and dedication by herpetologists throughout the USA, Canada and around the world. It has been created to place a wealth of factual information at everyone’s fingertips. The core aim is to provide a public resource which enables residents to become familiar with the main species of snakes found in their local area, while also giving an insight into these remarkable creatures.

John Woodland has enjoyed a lifelong interest in snakes and has spent the past twenty years passionately educating people on these fascinating and misunderstood animals. John came up with the idea for the website following a road trip through the US and Canada in 2011, where he fell in love with the beautiful environment and amazing animals.

Over the years he has given lectures, presentations and demonstrations for a variety of organizations. John has also appeared on various radio and television programs in his ongoing quest to educate and dispel misconceptions about snakes.