First Aid Treatment for Snake Bite

First aid for snake bite applied to lower leg
Crepe bandage and splint application to lower leg.

It is paramount that the correct first aid treatment is applied to a snakebite as soon as possible. First aid combined with access to medical attention greatly increases the chance of survival. The correct first aid procedure works by limiting the spread of venom throughout the body.

Reduce movement – Preventing unnecessary movement of the affected area (usually a limb) reduces the spread of venom throughout the body. A crepe bandage and splint should be applied to the affected area.

Remove jewellery – Any jewellery (eg. rings and watches) should be removed from the affected limb.

Monitor – It is imperative to closely monitor the patient’s vital functions.

Medical attention – Transport to medical attention as quickly and passively as possible. Where possible bring medical assistance to the patient.

For a comprehensive explanation of the correct first aid for all venomous snake bites visit Clinical Toxicology Resources.